The Characters of An Enchanted Forest

Snow White
"The child with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as a raven's wing." These are the words that embark one of the most famous fairy tales that we have grown to love. The story of Snow White has many renditions but one of the more popular versions was given to us by the Grimm Brothers in 1819. Snow White's story is the tale of a wicked stepmother's jealousy for her husband's daughter, after the husband became the widower of his first wife, who died while giving birth. As the story enfolds, Snow White runs for her life into the forest to get away from the evil stepmother. In the forest she meets the seven dwarfs. While finding shelter with the seven dwarfs, Snow White encounters the wicked stepmother disguised as an old beggar women for whom Snow White finds compassion. With three attempts the wicked Stepmother tries to kill Snow White but eventually perishes herself. Once again good prevails over evil as Snow White wins the heart of the prince.

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